Background pages provide an explanation of key concepts and features in LootLocker.
What is LootLocker? outlines the entire service at a high level including all of LootLocker's features, technologies, and support tools.
Management Console explains the web-based interface that you use to interact and set up systems and features connected to your game.
Game Systems save you precious development time by providing pre-made common game systems and features ready to be connected to your game.
Player Manager allows you to easily find and manage players in your game, issue refunds, or grant Asset gifts.
Backend Services let you transform your game into a service and more easily support cross-platform player accounts, in-game economies, and more.
Live Ops Tools help you keep your players engaged with your game for as long as possible.
Game Settings are where you can edit settings related to the currently selected game.
Profile Settings are where you can edit your User and Organization settings.
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