Admin API


  • Added UUIDs to Assets and Contexts. These are consistent across both environments.
  • Added Key/Value Storage to Character Classes.


  • Delete leaderboard now returns 204 response code with no body. Make sure to send the new LL-version header to get this behavior.


  • Fixed bug that would cause drop table groups to silently fail creation or update if an invalid ID property was sent in the payload.
  • Fixed bug where the same asset could not be dropped more than once from the same drop table.
  • Added support for multiple rolls (evaluations) of the same drop table when computed.
  • Excluded unique assets from drop table drops for players that already owns that unique asset.
  • Added names to drop table groups for easier identification.
  • Introduced prevent_duplicate_drops concept to drop tables.


  • Updated leaderboards api to allow for a key to be used in place of the ID in URLs