Version 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0 removes a lot of functionality that has previously been marked as deprecated. See the specific notes below.

  • How you get error information from the SDK has changed. Instead of the field Error in each response there is now a field named ErrorData within which all error information resides. Instead of Error you should use the fields in errorData. The exact replacement is errorData.Message. Additionally the field ServerCallStatusCode has been replaced with the field StatusCode.

  • void StartSession(const FString& PlayerIdentifier, const FAuthResponseBP& OnStartedSessionRequestCompleted) is removed. If you're using this method you need to switch over to the topical start session methods instead. For example if you were using this to start a session for Android, then you should now use StartAndroidSession instead. If you're unsure of what to use, we recommend Guest or White Label. Along with this the configuration of Platform in LootLockers config file is removed.

  • DevelopmentMode is deprecated, so is the "support" for deprecated api keys. If you're using an api key that does not start with dev_ or prod_ you need to migrate from the api key you're using to a new one for continued development. You can do that here: Remember that if you have released versions of your game that are using the old API key those will continue working as long as you do not remove the old API key from the console. If you don't have released versions however we recommend that you do remove the old API key.

  • The following methods have been renamed. That means that the old method is gone but is replaced with a method that is functionally the same. Only the name has changed. So to fix this, simply change usages of the renamed method to the new name.

    • GetAllKeyValuePairsToAnInstanceForAssetInstance renamed to GetAllKeyValuePairsForAssetInstance

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