Organization Settings

The Organization Settings menu lets you manage the users in your organization including their roles.

Click on your Profile Picture at the bottom of the side bar of the web console and select Games and then Organization Settings to view your organization settings. In this menu you can view and manage all Organization Users who have access to your games and invite new users.

Access Control

Each user in your organization must be assigned a role. By assigning roles to each user within an organization you can more securely delegate responsibilities to the web console and APIs by . Each of the three preset roles has limitations that ensure users with the role cannot access certain parts of the web console or API.

By default, users will have full access to the web console and API until you assign them a role. This is to prevent any disruption to existing accounts until you are ready to assign roles.

The three roles that are available are:


The Admin role has full access to the web console, APIs and settings. They can assign users new roles and delete games.


The Developer role can do everything except for view or edit the organization's Games Settings found within the Settings menu in the left bar.

This includes the ability to create or access API keys.


The Moderator role can only view and moderate Leaderboards, moderate UGC and player reporting, and view player profiles.

Add Users to Your Organization

Adding users to your organization is a great way to get the rest of your team involved in setting up and managing your game on LootLocker.

To add users to your organization, click the Invite User button and enter the name, email address and role of the user you want to invite in the pop-up modal. By default, the Admin role is always selected.

Click Invite User to invite the user to your organization.

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