Use one system to alert all your players to your news, updates or scheduled events.

Messages are used to send text and image messages to all of your players. Each Message can be populated with lots of information and content that can be sent to your game for players to view.

Messages have the following structure:

  • Title: The Title of the Message.

  • Category: The Category of the Message (optional).

  • Action: Tell your game if an action should be performed within the Message, like taking the player to a different menu (optional).

  • Image Upload: Upload an image that can be displayed within the Message. The image can be any format and no larger than 2 MB.

  • Alert: Set this flag so your game can use it to decide if players should be notified about this Message.

  • Publish Date: Set the time and date for this Message to be published.

  • Summary: Enter a brief synopsis of the Message to be displayed to players before taking them to the full Message.

  • Message Body: Use this space to enter the entire Message text.

Publishing Options

Messages can be set to Published (on a specific date or at the current time) or remain as a draft until they are ready to be published.

Message Settings

You can define the max length for the Message Title and Message Summary in the Game Settings menu.

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