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Game Version

To distinguish and order the versions of your game LootLocker requires that you utilize a numeric version of the Semantic Versioning standard. This is used in different API calls when using the REST API, and in the SDKs it is a required setting to use the SDK.

A numeric semver string consists of between 2 and 4 numbers separated by periods: X.Y(.Z.B). Some valid numeric semver strings would be 1.0,, 23.6.13. According to semver standard the position of the numbers is significant and can greatly help you in showing what a version "means". The positions are named MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.BUILD. For LootLocker, the Patch and Build numbers are optional.

MAJOR - Increment this number when you make incompatible and/or very significant changes. This could for example be a complete re-balance of classes, a re-engineering of a crucial system, or a change that makes previous save files unreadable.

MINOR - Increment this number when you change something that isn't crucial, or add stuff to previous systems. This could be for example adding an achievement, moving assets within a level, or making internal tech changes only.

PATCH - This is optional for LootLocker. Increment this number when you make a small change that is very unlikely to have a significant impact on your users. This could be for example a bug fix, some localization changes, or chaning the color of UI items.

BUILD - This is optional for LootLocker. Increment this number when you produce a new build for an existing version. If you for some reason need to distribute a rebuild of version 1.2.3 without additional changes then use this number to make a version

Identity Provider

Identy provider is the term we use to describe the service used to authenticate the player. This could be a 1st party platform like Steam, Google and Apple, but also White Login or even Guest Login.

This term is an umbrella term for all the different ways a player can authenticate with your game.

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