Getting Help

Are you in need of support? Please read this guide so that we can provide you with the best support possible.
We offer support through:
Our Support Hours are 09:00 - 17:00 CET on weekdays.

How to Help Us Help You

When asking for support, there are some things you can have in place to get the correct answer faster! Below is a list of things we require in order to help you.

Domain Key

Do NOT share this Key with anyone outside of our Support Tickets!
By providing us with your game's Domain Key we're able to quickly learn more about your game and make sure nothing behind the scenes of LootLocker is causing any problems.
To locate your Domain Key, navigate to the web console -> Settings -> API Keys

Trace ID

The Trace ID provides us with a more descriptive error message. Here's how to get it:
We're forcing an error so we can find the trace_id. We start a session and try to get a progression with an incorrect key. This results in an error.
LootLockerSDKManager.GetProgression("IncorrectKey", (response) =>
You will now be able to find the error in the Console. Select the error message highlighted in blue beneath, to copy the trace_id easily by then copying it from beneath.
We don't start a session before this to force an error
Here we're attempting to set the profile to public, however, in this case we have not logged in yet to force an error so we can show you where the Trace ID can be found.
To easily copy the Trace ID, ensure you have Output Log open in your Unreal project.
Should you not have this open, navigate to: Window -> Developer Tools -> Output Log.
From here you can copy the "trace_id" and send with your message!

What Did You Expect to Happen?

Please provide a short description of what you expected to happen. This gives us a clear understanding of what you're trying to achieve and helps us understand your goal.

What Actually Happened?

Sometimes the devil is in the detail, so please provide a short description outlining what actually happened. This may give us some clues to where to look for the issue.

Methods of Support

Support Channel
Support Tickets
Our Support Channel should be the first place to solve your issue. Try searching for your question, as it is likely that someone else has had the issue before and a solution is already available! Check out the gif below to learn how to search for specific topics!
Example of searching in support for guest login questions and answers
Should you not be able to find your solution, you can send a message specifying what the issue is and what you were expecting to happen. Share some code as well if relevant!
Code blocks on Discord allows us to read your code more easily, use them by doing
LootLockerSDKManager.GetProgression("SomeKey", (response) =>
Another way of looking for help is through our forum channel. This channel consists of posts that you can filter through tags and search for.
Support Tickets should be considered the last resort. We of course would love to provide you with 1:1 support to help you with the issues you're having, however most of the time the issues can be resolved through the other methods!
Sometimes the issue cannot be solved by the community and that is why we offer direct support through our Tickets. Once you've opened a ticket please send as much information as you can.