Launching Your Game

When it's time to launch your game make sure you're taken the following steps to have the best experience possible.

Check Your Development Environment

Before you launch your game, check which development environment your game is currently pointing towards. Ideally you will want to send players to the Live Environment.

Merge Changes into Live Environment

If you have made changes in your Stage Environment, make sure you merge any changes across to the Live Environment.

Correct API Key

To ensure players are sent to the right environment, make sure you are using the correct API Key when building your game.


As the Leaderboard feature is the only LootLocker feature that doesn't prescribe to the dual environment system, make sure that you are using the correct IDs when submitting scores to the leaderboards.

Clear Leaderboards

Before launching your game you might also want to clear your leaderboards so that players can set new high scores.

Building to WebGL for Unity

When building to WebGL, there are some settings which you must change in order for your game to run through WebGL.

Publisher Settings

Underneath Project Settings you will find the Player tab, which contains the Publisher Settings. Here you must set Compression Format to Gzip.

Other Settings

Underneath Project Settings you will find the Player tab, which contains the Other Settings Find the header called Optimization and set Strip Engine Code to false.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data sent between LootLocker and my game encrypted?

Yes, LootLocker uses HTTPS encryption for all data in transit between your game and the backend.

Can my users delete their stored data from inside the game?

Yes, the following APIs can be used to let players delete their stored data in compliance with GDPR and similar laws. Players can also be manually deleted through the LootLocker web console. Using these APIs, will set the Player to be deleted in 30 Days.

curl -X DELETE "" \
  -H "x-session-token: your_token_here"
LootLockerSDKManager.DeletePlayer((response) => { 
     if(response.statusCode == 204)
        //Successfully deleted Player

The above will return a 204 code as the server has fulfilled the request, and there is no additional data.\

Any Last Questions?

If you're unsure about anything or have any last questions, make sure to join our Discord where you'll find the entire LootLocker team at your disposal.

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