Use Rental Asset in Game

To learn about rental assets in general, please see our introduction to rental assets

Specifying Rental Tier

As you can create multiple tiers of a Rental Asset, it is important to set up the correct tier for your purpose. In this scenario, we have a Rental Asset that will increase the Strength of a player for a limited time and we choose to give it to them through a Trigger.

Here we have two tiers, Small boost and Big boost, with different durations.

In our Trigger, we choose to Add Reward and find the Rental Asset that we named Extra Strength, below that, the different tiers will show up. Select the one you want to give and it will give that Rental Asset once the Trigger is triggered.

After the player has retrieved the Rental Asset, to use the boost, we must activate the Rental Asset, as shown below.

Activate Rental Asset

To activate a Rental Asset that a player possesses you can call this method:

private int assetInstanceID = 86;

LootLockerSDKManager.ActivateRentalAsset(assetInstanceID, (response) =>
    if (response.success)
        Debug.Log("Successfully activated rental asset");
        Debug.Log("Error activating rental asset");

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