Authenticate Your First Player

The first API call you'll want to make is verifying the player in order to register a session. LootLocker supports three different types of authentication methods depending on your game.

đŸšĒ Guest Login

The Guest Login authentication method lets you assign each player a unique ID. This is common for web games or mobile games where you want to get the player into the game as quick as possible. We suggesting using Guest Login if you're just getting started with your game's development or still haven't decided which platform your game will be released on.

pageGuest Login

☁ī¸ Platform Login

The Platform Login authentication type covers all login methods using First Party Platforms such as Steam, Xbox, Apple, Google, and many more. LootLocker uses the player's authenticated Platform ID to register their session. Go to the Authentication section and select your preferred platform to see a detailed guide on how to implement it for your game.

🗝ī¸ White Label Login

Our White Label Login system provides your game with a custom username and password set up so each player can create their own account with your game.

pageWhite Label Login

Implement LootLocker Features

Once you've created a session by authenticating your first player, it's time to start implementing other LootLocker features. Check out this overview to figure out which features matches your game the best.

pageWhat is LootLocker?

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