Welcome to the LootLocker developer handbook
LootLocker is the indie game backend that unlocks the tools needed for developers of all types to build, ship, and run the best games. LootLocker provides out-of-the-box game systems (e.g. progression, missions, leaderboards), backend services (e.g. player accounts, asset catalogs, microtransactions), and live ops tools (e.g. DLC management, messaging, custom game config) for games regardless of genre, scope, engine, or platform.
Here you will find everything you need to know about using and working with LootLocker, including tutorials on setting up your first API calls, guides and explanations for each LootLocker feature, and links to the various API and SDKs.
Check out the links below, and the contents bar on the left to find everything you need. Please join our Discord if you have any questions or can't find what you're looking for - we're here to help!

Getting Started

Hands-on tutorials that introduces you to LootLocker.


Step-by-step guides covering common feature uses and how they can be implemented in-game.


An explanation of key concepts and features in LootLocker.


Technical references for the APIs, SDKs, and mobile app.


Updates and improvements to the SDKs, APIs, and mobile app.