Asset Package

An Asset Package is great for making bundles or gifts. In this scenario we will be creating an Asset Package that every player will get once they play the game for the first time!

In the Web Console, we create a new Context "Asset Package", with the Complexity "Customization Package (Asset package)" and another Context "Clothing" with the Complexity "Customization".

Then we'll go into Content -> Assets and create a few Clothing Assets.\

Be sure to activate the Assets otherwise you cannot add them to a package!

Next we'll create the Asset Package, we will just call it "Starter Pack" and be sure to select Asset Package in Context, like below:

Hit Create and go to the Package Content page inside the Asset.

Now to give the Starter Pack to your players, you could give it through Triggers, or maybe an introduction Mission! The possibilities are endless and you get to decide what's best for your game!

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