Hero Classes

While a game can use Classes without Heroes, Heroes are meant to add more complex situations such as a Healer Class, but with a Sub-Class that can also wield big hammers.

This would be solved by creating a Hero who has an Exception that they can equip specific Contexts which initially the Base Class would not be able to equip.

Create a Hero

Before creating a Hero, make sure you have first created Classes in the tutorial above.

Start by pressing Create New Hero assign a name, we will be creating two Heroes, from the Wizard class. Fire and Water Wizards.\

Add Exceptions

To add an Exception, make sure you are inside a Hero. Navigate to the Exceptions section and press Add New Exception, here you specify which Asset the Exception is about, and whether or not the Exception is Can Equip or Can't Equip.

If we take the Healer who can wield big hammers, we select the Hammer Asset and Can Equip.

We can also create Exceptions to prevent a Hero equipping these specific Assets or Contexts.

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