Version 2.1.5 - Migration to Open UPM

LootLockerSDK v2.1.5 sees the migration of the LootLocker Unity plugin moving from the Unity Asset Store onto Open UPM.


There are, as always, a few different reasons for this. The main driver is a combination of the economics behind Unity Asset Store, how much work it is to keep updated, and how many users actually utilize that avenue for finding the plugin.

Besides this, OpenUPM is a great service that matches what we want to provide for our customers more closely.

How does it affect me?

If you weren't using the Unity Asset Store for installing or updating the LootLocker SDK, then nothing needs to change for you, though your life would be simpler if you too migrated to Open UPM.

If you did install the SDK through Unity Asset Store, then you can continue to use the SDK just as you have been doing but will no longer recieve updates through that channel. Instead we encourage you to migrate to installing the SDK through Open UPM.

What do I need to do?

In preparation, go into Unity Package Manager and remove LootLockerSDK as a package, then follow the steps below.

  1. Open Edit/Project Settings/Package Manager

  2. Add a new Scoped Registry (or edit the existing OpenUPM entry):, URL= and Scope(s)=com.lootlocker.lootlockersdk

  3. Click Save or Apply

  4. Open Window/Package Manager

  5. Click +

  6. Select Add package by name... or Add package from git URL...

  7. Paste com.lootlocker.lootlockersdk into name

  8. Click Add

There, you have now migrated to OpenUPM and will be able to update the LootLockerSDK through package manager exactly as before.

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