Base Classes

Create a Class

A Class lets you define what Contexts are associated with each class. For some games you may not have any classes and can completely ignore this system. Other games might want to take advantage of both the Class system and Heroes.

To create a new Class, navigate to the Classes & Heroes tab in the System Settings by clicking the Systems menu on the side bar of the Management Interface.

Click Create New Class to create a new Base Class for your game. Enter the name of the Base Class. We are going to create two classes, one called Wizard and one called Warrior.

Click the Create button to save and create this Class.

Default Loadout

The Default Loadout of a Class is used to define what Assets a player with the specific Class will be assigned and equipped when the Class is created. The Default Loadout will usually display empty Context loadout slots that have been assigned to this Class. Since we do not have any Contexts set up, the Default Loadout of our Classes are empty. Contexts are created when you set up Assets in LootLocker. To learn how to do this, visit the Create Your First Asset how-to guide. Alternatively, read more about Contexts here.

We are going to create Contexts associated with different slots that the player can equip Assets to on their Class. To add a Context to a Class's Default Loadout, click on the Manage Contexts button next to Equippable Contexts in the Class view. In the Context menu, click Create Context and select the Asset Complexity and give the Context a name.





Warrior Wizard






Going back to the Classes page, we can now see the Contexts we associated with the Classes appear in the Default Loadout.

To add an Asset to a Default Loadout slot, click the Assign button in the Default Loadout section and select an Asset from the modal. Once a Class's Default Loadout has been populated, click Save Settings to save the loadout.

As you can see, we have intentionally left some slots empty, while assigning some slots with different Assets, to show the different states.

You have now created your first Classes and assigned them a Default Loadout.

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