Character Classes

Character classes are used to define different types of player characters in your game, what assets they can use or equip, and what assets they have in their inventory by default.

The character class menu can be found in the settings menu.

Default Character Class

The default character class is the character class that a player is assigned when they start your game.

A default character class must always be defined even if you do not use the character class system in your game.

Default Loadout

The default loadout of a character class is used to define what assets a player with the specific character class will be assigned and equipped when their character is created. The default loadout will display empty asset contexts loadout slots that have been assigned to this character class in the Context Configuration menu.

Context Configuration

Contexts are categories to put your assets into in order to assign them a complexity and other useful information. Contexts are used to determine what character classes can use the asset, and if an asset can be detached, or needs to be replaced by another one.

Context Settings

Before you start creating assets, you must first create a Context for that asset type and provide the following information:


A simplified version of the Friendly Name, with no spaces or special characters.

Friendly Name

A display-friendly version of the Name.


Detachable Contexts can be unequipped from the player’s loadout. Learn more below.


Select what type of Complexity this Context should have. Learn more here.

Character Classes

Select which Character Classes can equip this Context.

User Facing?

Allow this Context to be visible to players through First Party platforms, like Steam Inventories. This is required for Steam Marketplace to work.

Depends On

Select a Feature Unlock dependency for this Context.


Asset contexts can be marked as detachable allowing them to be unequipped from the player’s loadout. If an asset context is not set as detachable, then this particular loadout slot must always have an asset equipped in it.

Feature Unlocks

The feature unlocks context is a default context that cannot be edited. This context can be assigned to assets which can then be used in the depends on field in the context configuration menu. The selected asset must be owned by the player in order for them to access this context.

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