Leaderboards facilitate ranking of player scores or other rankings, such as UGC, teams etc.

Leaderboards feature 2 main modes:

  • Player Type where each score is linked directly to a player.

  • Generic Type where the game decides the key for each score, making it possible to rank arbitrary things, such as UGC, teams or whatever you can imagine.

It’s possible to schedule periodic resets, with rewards to players who have placed on Leaderboard in the given timeframe (only possible for Player Type Leaderboards).

You can store metadata alongside scores to allow for the game to attach any other information it needs to contextualize the score.

Use cases

  • Rank Players

  • Rank User Generated Content Popularity

  • Keep a list of banned Players

  • Arcade Style Leaderboards

  • Time based rankings

  • Rank teams of Players

How To


Here's a list of our Leaderboard Guides to get you going even faster.

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