Create and edit leaderboards, then connect them to missions, leveling, achievements, triggers, and more.

Leaderboards provide the structure and logic for creating a variety of leaderboard types in a game that can be linked to individual players or any type of identifier the game provides. Leaderboards can be created manually through the web console or automatically through API calls.

Leaderboards can be sorted in different ways or configured to overwrite scores when submitted regardless if the score is worse than the current score. It is also possible to allow the Game API to write scores to your leaderboard.

For security reasons, we always recommend that you implement a game server in order to update leaderboards in your game.


The following information can be configured for your Leaderboard.

  • Name: The name of the leaderboard, used when searching in the web console

  • Type: Select between player leaderboards or generic leaderboards (see below)

  • Direction Method: Select between descending or ascending sorting methods.

  • Settings: Enable Game API Writes allows you to authorize the Game API to submit scores to the leaderboard. This is not recommended as players have the ability to exploit this and populate your leaderboards with false information. Overwrite Score on Submit tells the leaderboard to always replace the player or member's score regardless if the score is worse than the current score.


A generic leaderboard is a leaderboard that is not associated with a specific player. This can be a group of players like a guild or clan, or a player who's information is stored outside of LootLocker.


A player leaderboard is a leaderboard connected with a Player ID in LootLocker. This could be a First Party ID or a Public UID.

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