Unreal Marketplace Plugin Support

The Unreal Marketplace according to ยง2.6.3d in their guidelines (as per 2023-10-11) supports releasing new software versions of plugins for the latest three engine versions only. This means that if you're using an engine version outside of the latest three releases then we can no longer release updates to your plugin through the marketplace.

How to continue receiving updates

LootLocker supports engine versions much older than the latest three (4.24 and up as per 2023). So you can continue getting all the fixes and features we release by switching to a github based update flow. Just go to https://github.com/LootLocker/unreal-sdk and follow the installation instructions (in essence, download the source files and replace your existing LootLocker files).

To keep track of when we release updates, you can subscribe to our changelogs in discord or subscribe to our github releases.

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