Your players are one of the most important parts of your game. That's why LootLocker helps you authenticate them in various ways and then store different types information and data in their profile.

Authenticating Players

LootLocker supports three different types of authentication methods. You'll want to select the best method depending on your game and target platforms. Click on each authentication type to learn how to implement it in your game.

Player Management

The LootLocker Player Manager allows you to easily find and manage players in your game. It allows you to:

  • Search for players using a public or platform ID

  • View player profiles, including

    • Inventory

    • Currencies

    • Platforms

    • Orders

    • Storage

    • Progression

    • Leaderboards

    • Files

  • Grant assets

  • Refund assets

  • Set profile public / private

  • Delete profile

  • Add progression XP

  • Remove / edit player's leaderboard entries

  • Add / edit player key/values

Learn more about the player manager in the link below.

pagePlayer Manager

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