Web Console

The LootLocker web console is a browser-based interface that provides you with access to all LootLocker features and the tools needed to manage your games.

You can access the web console here.

Home Screen

Upon logging into the LootLocker web console you will be taken to the home screen. This screen provides a status summary of your game, links to useful information, ways to get in touch with the LootLocker team, and information about the latest updates to the LootLocker platform.

Switching Between Games

You can easily switch between games by selecting a game in the My Games section of the Home Screen.

Switching Between Organizations

To change organization, select your profile picture in the bottom left corner of the interface and select Games and then a game from a different organization.

The side bar in the web console provides access to all areas of the LootLocker platform (content, game systems, players), as well as links to the home screen, game settings, documentation, and our Discord. The side bar also provides access to the user settings and organization settings.

Development Environments

LootLocker makes it safe and easy to make individual and bulk changes to the data stored with LootLocker through the environments system. The two environments are Staging and Live.

Staging & Live

LootLocker features a development environment that allows you to make changes safely to your game data, and test changes before they go live in your game. The staging environment (Stage) is where all changes are made and tested. The live environment is the version of data that your live game points to, and where changes cannot be made directly.

To make changes to the Live Environment, the changes must be first made in Staging, and then merged into Live.

To learn how to work with the two environments, visit the Stage & Live Environments page.

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