Configure Leaderboard in Web Console

To create a new Leaderboard, click the Create button in the top right corner. This will display a model where you can enter in the name of the Leaderboard and configure the structure of how the Leaderboard will work.

When you create a Leaderboard, you must configure its settings.

General Settings

Name: A name for your Leaderboard to identify it in the Console.

Key: Used to identify the Leaderboard within your game.

Type: Select between Player Leaderboards, where leaderboards are associated with specific players (based on their platform ID) or Generic Leaderboards where you can define what the entries are associated to, such as a guild/clan, group, or player data that isn't stored on LootLocker.

Direction Method: Should the Leaderboard sort by Ascending or Descending.

Enable Game API Writes: Allows the Game API to submit scores.

Overwrite Score on Submit: If a Player gets a lower score than before, should it be the current score.

Enable metadata: Do you want to store additional information on the Leaderboard.

Scheduled Resets

Cron: Used to identify a reoccurring reset schedule by using Cron expressions. Read more here. As a bonus, we've added Quick Cron Values which you can use to faster set a Schedule.

Read more on how to set up Schedules here.


As you Save your Leaderboard, you can enter it and find the Rewards tab. Which is where you can Add Rewards.

You can reward a number of things, such as Assets, Progression Points, Progression Resets and even Currency!

Read more on how to set up Rewards here.

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