Nintendo Switch

Authenticate your players when playing on their Nintendo Switch and register a session for them on the LootLocker backend.
We have made authenticating with Nintendo Switch as simple as possible with this integration.

Register a Session

Ensure that you have the following conditions met:
  • You are registered with Nintendo as a developer (otherwise you will not have access to their developer tools)
  • Install the Nintendo Dev Interface (obtained from and set up an environment that matches your Unity version
  • Install the NintendoSDK from the environment, as well as all dependencies
  • You have enabled the Nintendo Switch platform in your games settings in LootLocker, and the Nintendo Application ID matches in your editor and the LootLocker console (You can use the Nintendo default one during initial development)
Note that we can not guide you on how to obtain the NSAIDTokenfor the example below due to legal reasons. The NintendoSDK does have great examples on how to obtain this yourself though.
This requires that you have set up the Unity SDK in your game.
We'll start by creating a new empty Game Object in your scene and calling it GameManager. Feel free to skip this if you already have a GameManager or similar in your game.
Then in this new GameObject you can add a new script called GameManager
Open up your new script in your editor of choice and add the following code.
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using LootLocker.Requests;
public class GameManager : MonoBehaviour
void Start()
string NSAIDToken = getNSAIDToken();
LootLockerSDKManager.StartNintendoSwitchSession(NSAIDToken, (response) =>
if (!response.success)
Debug.Log("error starting LootLocker session");
Debug.Log("successfully started LootLocker session");
To confirm that everything is running without errors, you can start your game and check the console for the correct Debug.Log message.
To copy and paste the above example into your editor, look here.
You need to exchange the TriggerNintendoStartSession event for whatever event you want to use to trigger the login flow.
Remove the node REPLACE: NSA Id Token so that you provide the actual Nintendo Switch Token.
We recommend branching the completed events on the success flag, and if you do this you will probably want to add error handling in case the request fails as well as what (if any) continued actions you want on success.
Congratulations - you have now started using LootLocker in your game with Nintendo Switch! Next up we suggest you look at our feature set, and decide which ones you want to use in your game.
Last modified 9mo ago