As you start setting up Economy for your game, you must start by creating at least one Currency.

Head to the sub-page under Economy called Currency.

Create a Currency

Start by pressing Add Currency.

You then have to give your new Currency a Name and a Minor Unit Name. The Code is generated automatically but can be overwritten. If you want to overwrite the Code, please keep in mind these restrictions. Code must be 3 characters long, it must be fully capitalized, there cannot be any numbers, special characters or whitespaces.

For this example we will be creating a Currency named Gold which has a Minor Unit Name "Gold coin". Press Save and you have created your first Currency!

Currencies by default disables Game-API writes. To enable Game-API writes go to Actions on the Currency and press 'Enable Writes'


There are two ways of accessing a Currency's Denomination.

Inside the Denominations, you will see the Minor Unit that you created while making the Currency.

To add more Denominations you simply just press Add Denomination.

We went ahead and added two Denominations, we will give them names and a value. The value means "How many of Gold coins equals 1 of Gold ingot or bars". Press Save Denominations.

you have now successfully set up a Currency!

Head to the next page Catalog to learn how to set up shops and pricing Assets!

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