In-App Purchases

Elevate your game by allowing In-App Purchases (IAP) for your game!

IAP (In-app Purchases) is a great way of monetizing your game! Be it in-game cosmetics or Purchasing Virtual Currency!

Currently IAP does not support Subscription based purchases!

IAP Configuration

Select the Provider(s) that your game will offer IAP in, fill in the required fields and be sure to press Enabled to true. Find the Settings page here.

Catalog item IAP Configuration

Be sure to have either some purchasable items (like assets, currencies, progressions, etc) made before this!

IAP is made to work with our entire Economy system! Meaning instead of purely using Virtual Currency, you can now add real llife Purchases.

Head to the Catalog page and create a new Listing (for more information, read our documentation on catalogs). For this we're making a new Listing for Virtual Currencies.

Click on the Actions bar and Configure IAP and once again fill in the fields required for each Platform(s) you're going to have IAP in.

Depending on the store you can read more about where to create and find the required information needed, inside the store specific pages.

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