Items, pigeons, cards, monsters. Collect and track certain objects then give the player a reward if they collect them all.

The Collectables feature is deprecated and will be removed on April 11th, 2026. We recommend not using this feature for new projects.

Collectables are used to automatically reward players for collecting or completing something in your game. Collectables are nested into three layers, each with their own set of rewards. This allows you to set up a wide range of Collectables across different maps or areas of your game. These layers are called Collectables, Item Groups, and Items, where Items are the actual things being collected by the player. Collectables and Item Groups need to be created first before creating an Item.

Collectables are very similar to Triggers in that you trigger them by a defined Name and grant the player a Reward. The major difference between Collectables and Triggers is that Collectables are returned to your game from the API, unlike Triggers that only return the specific Trigger in question.

Item Groups

Item Groups are a way to group many Items together with a linked Reward. For example, you might want to reward the player when they have collected all the Items in a single map. In this case, you would create an Item Group for each map, with the Items in the map nested inside the Item Group.


Items are the actual thing being collected by the player.

To learn how to configure and implement collectables in your game continue to the next page in this guide.

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