Sign in with Apple
Apple platform needs to be enabled and configured in the Web Console before it can be used in your game. This also requires you to have a developer account with Apple.


To start using Sign in with Apple we first need to configure our integration in the platform settings

Team ID

You can find your Apple Team ID by logging in to the Apple developer portal and going to the Membership page. On that page you should be able to see your Team ID.

Client ID

Client ID will in most cases be the bundle identifier for your App when you created it in Xcode or in the Apple developer portal.

Key ID & Certificate

After logging in to your Apple developer portal, navigate to the "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" page. From here you can create a new key.
When creating a key, make sure to enable "Sign in with Apple" and pressing the configure button. The "Primary App ID" should be the same as your game (bundle identifier)
When finished creating your key, make sure you download the certificate, which we will upload in the LootLocker Console.
The Key ID can be seen when clicking the key after creation in the Apple developer portal.

Start Session

// authCode can be retrieved from appleIDCredential.authorizationCode
string authCode = "put authorizationCode here";
LootLockerSDKManager.StartAppleSession(authCode, (response) =>
if (!response.success)
Debug.Log("error starting LootLocker session");
Debug.Log("session started successfully");
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