Set up Messages

In this how-to guide, we are going to create a message that we can display in our game for players to see. This guide will walk you through implementing Messages in both LootLocker and in-game.

What are Messages

Messages are used to send text and image messages to all of your players. Each Message can be populated with lots of information and content that can be sent to your game for players to view. Learn more about Messages here.

Create a Message

The Messages menu can be found in the Player side bar menu, under Messages.

To create a new Message, click the Create Message button in the Messages menu. Enter a Message Title and Message Summary in the pop up modal, and click Create Message to create the Message.

The Message Title and Message Summary can be edited later.

Once the Message has been created, you can edit the following information:

Title: The Title of the Message.

Category: The Category of the Message (optional).

Action: Tell your game if an action should be performed within the Message, like taking the player to a different menu (optional).

Image Upload: Upload an image that can be displayed within the Message. The image can be any format and no larger than 2 MB.

Alert: Mark this Message as an Alert Message to let your game know that all players should see this Message.

Publish Date: Set the time and date for this Message to be published.

Summary: Enter a brief synopsis of the Message to be displayed to players before taking them to the full Message.

Message Body: Use this space to enter the entire Message text.

Messages are set up to be as flexible as possible, giving you as many ways to create helpful, communicative messages to inform your players about game news, updates, or anything else. Take advantage of all the fields, or simply use the Title and Message Body to get a simple Message out to your players.

Publish a Message

Once your Message is ready to be published, set a Publish Date. Click on the Publish Date field to display a calendar to select the date and time (all times are listed in UTC) for when the Message should be published. You cannot currently set a time that is in the past.

Publish ASAP

By clicking the Publish ASAP button, the current time and date will be automatically entered into the Publish Date field.


If you have selected a date already, or if the Message is already live and you would like to remove it, click the Draft button. This will remove the Publish Date.

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