User Generated Content (UGC)

Let your players create and upload their own content, moderated and curated by your admins.
User Generated Content allows you to accept content created by your players.


After asset candidates have turned into assets, you can view them in the curation tab of the web console.
From here you can select assets to flag. Flagging assets can be used for creating a "featured" section in your game or otherwise showcase the specific assets somehow.
Dropdown after selecting assets
To more easily find assets to flag you can use simple filtering on the curation page as well.
Simple filters for UGC assets


To enable moderation you have to react out to LootLocker to get it enabled
If you want to manually review User Generated content before it's potentially shown to other players you can enable moderation feature.
This ensures assets are not fully created before you have approved them. After the user has finished creating their asset candidate it shows up here in the moderation flow.
Moderation page
Here you can manually approve or deny their asset candidates.
It's also possible to deny with a comment, which you can use for either feedback for the player or as an internal note for yourself.