User Generated Content (UGC)

Let your players create and upload their own content, moderated and curated by your admins.

User Generated Content allows you to allow players to upload content they created in-game to the LootLocker backend in order to be shared with other players. Once the content is uploaded from the game it can be curated and moderated by the LootLocker user.

If you're looking for ideas on how to build great UGC systems in your game, check out or blog post on the topic!

Asset Candidates

When a piece of content is uploaded to LootLocker it arrives as an asset candidate in the Moderation menu. Asset candidates are essentially assets, but (optionally) go through a moderation step before they become real assets that can be shared with other players.


To enable moderation, please reach out to the LootLocker team

If you want to manually review UGC before it's made available to other players you can enable moderation feature. This ensures assets are not fully created before you have approved them. After the user has finished creating their asset candidate it shows up here in the moderation flow.

The moderation menu allows LootLocker users to manually approve or deny asset candidates using the green check or red cross buttons. It's also possible to deny the content with a comment, which you can use for either feedback for the player or as an internal note for yourself.

Active Asset Candidates

After Asset candidates have turned into assets, you can view them in the User Content tab of the web console.

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