Catalogs can be seen as individual stores that your game can have. Create one massive Store for all of your Assets, or split them up in categories. Everything is possible with our Economy System!

Create a Catalog

Start by pressing Add Catalog.

When creating a new Catalog, you must supply a name and a key. The key does automatically generate a suggestion, however, you can overwrite it.

We will go ahead and create a Blacksmith for the sake of this example.

Create Listings

We start by pressing Add Listing.

Listings is what the Catalog contains, this can be an Asset, Currency, a Progression and even a Progression Reset. We will start by adding some Asset Listings.

Lets make a Listing for a Sword! Here we have to supply which Currency the price is in, each Listing can contain multiple prices with different Currencies!

you have now successfully set up a Catalog!

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