Add whatever triggers you want to, then reward players however you see fit.

Triggers are used to automatically reward players upon triggering an event within your game. Triggers can be assigned Rewards that are granted upon triggering the Trigger every time or only after a certain number of times.

Trigger Times

The Trigger Times option in a Trigger allows you to set the frequency of how many times the Trigger event can be triggered. The two options are Unlimited and Limited.

  • Unlimited: Setting the Trigger Times as Unlimited allows the Trigger event to be triggered an unlimited number of times. Every time the Trigger event is triggered, the associated Reward is granted.

  • Limited: If the Trigger Times is set as Limited, the Trigger event can only be triggered once, only after the event has been triggered the specific number of times defined in the field. For example, if the Limited Trigger Times is set to 3, the Reward will only be granted once the Trigger has been triggered 3 times.

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