Create a Trigger

In this how-to guide, we are going to create a Trigger for our game that grants XP whenever the player enters a new area in our game's world. This guide will walk you through implementing Progression in both LootLocker and in-game.

To start, let's navigate to the Triggers menu by clicking Triggers in the Game Systems side bar menu.

To create a new Trigger, click the Add Trigger button in the top right corner, and name your trigger. Since we plan to have many areas in our game world, we are going to use a naming system that is easy to expand on. This trigger will be called zoneA_area1 as that is what the area will be called in the game editor. Once you have named your Trigger, click Save to save it.

Now that the Trigger has been created, I want to add an XP reward. To do that, click Add Reward to bring up the select Asset model. Instead of selecting an Asset as normal, I will use the Set a Score field to enter the XP I would like to grant to the player when the Trigger is triggered. Once you have entered the amount, click Save Score Only to save and continue.

You should now see the XP added as a reward.

Finally, we want to make sure that the player can only trigger this reward once by selecting Limited in the Trigger Times section, and entering 1 into the field. This will make sure that the Trigger can only be triggered once.

You have now set up a Trigger in LootLocker and are ready to implement it in-game.

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