Unified Player Account

The concept of Unified Player Accounts is not more complicated than its name; it’s used to unify player accounts. For example you can use it to "upgrade" a Guest Account with a Google or Apple account. But, to understand how this fully works we must first make sure that we understand some key words and concepts.

Identity Providers and Platforms

In LootLocker a Player Account is an Account that is tied to an Identity Provider, Identity Providers are things like Guest Login, White Label, Steam, Xbox/Microsoft Account, PlayStation Network Account, Apple and Google.

Then there are Platforms. Platforms are what your players play your game on; a web browser, Nintendo Switch or a mobile phone for example.

Some platforms have their own Identity Providers that require your Players to play on that Platform, PlayStation is such a Platform; to log in with a PSN account, your Players must first start a PSN-session on their PlayStation and then you must send the PSN-session_token to LootLocker to start a LootLocker PSN-session.

What Unified Player Accounts does is to point these multiple Identity Providers to the same account.

Setting up

Using UPA requires a bit of setting up, lets start with the LootLocker console. And please read the potential risks so that you can avoid them from the get go!

If you're trying to use Google Sign-in please read this guide we have written for you "How to set up Google Sign-in",

Start by enabling the platforms / identity providers that your game will be using. Be sure to fill out as much information as you can.

Second go to Unified Player Account underneath Settings and fill out the information.

Remember to first Enable External Authentication, give a Title and upload a Logo.

Then you can enable each Provider and fill in the information you need.

Leasing is a way for you to authenticate with, say Android, while you're on an Xbox device.

Connected Accounts is a way to link multiple Identity Providers to the same LootLocker Account, this could also be seen as a way to "upgrade" your account from a Guest Account to an Authenticated Account.

This feature offers a very clean flow of letting players try the game without signing in, but also giving them the option to login at any time and save the progress they've gotten from the guest sessions.

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